Privacy Policy 

As part of my application to join the platform Chardon Uk Care will collect and store certain information given by me as part of this process. I also  agree to Chardon UK Care monitoring (For support) messages on their platform and agree with and accept Chardon privacy Policy. 

Tax Affairs & Tax Retunes 

Carers are  Ltd company owners , that they are liable for their taxes paid to the authorities.

Self-employed Care Assistant  

I understand that Chardon UK Care is solely an introductory platform for self -employed care assistants and their prospective clients and that i am at no time directly employed by Chardon UK Care for any work carried out through the platform and that any client introduced to me will contract with me entirely on a self-employed basis.

Breach Of Agreement 

If the staff commits any offence or breach his contract by commiting any form of abuse against the client, either by stealing properties contrary to the ethos of the company, the client has the right to terminate the service without notice and no payment in lieu to the termination. But where the client decides to terminate the staff contract with no just cause, one month notice and one month salary to the client has to be paid to ease off cooling period to enable the staff look for another client.